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OOC Information;

Name: Sandra
Personal journal:
Contact Info: AIM: ichawesome; plurk: animemonster; e-mail:
Characters played at Achtenberg: n/a

IC Information;

Character Name: Maria Beilschmidt
Genderswap? Yes (though, Nyotalia is sort of considered a seperate canon)
Character Series: Hetalia: Axis Powers (Nyotalia)
Character Age: 16 (in canon, since she is a country she's actually 800+, but appears to be in her late teens-early twenties, her male counterpart is listed as 21+ for "human age")

Campus Position: Student (probably combination of out-of-pocket, loans, and scholarships)
Canon Background: Prussia and Nyotalia in general

AU Background: Maria comes from Berlin, Germany and is a rather cosmopolitan person. She was born in Acre, Syria, to diplomat parents and spent several years of her early childhood in Kaliningrad, Russia. Her parents finally settled in Berlin when she was five so she could get a German education. By this point she spoke both Russian and German.

She spent the next ten years in German schools. She found a talent for languages and speaks English and French as well as the German and Russian she already knew. She wants to learn more, and has been working on Latin. She is not great at math, though she is a little above average with science. She loves the newest technologies and is good at learning them.

Maria's favorite class, however, has always been PE class. She loves to run around and be active. She runs two kilometers a day on top of whatever other physical activity she gets up to. Because she's such an active person she doesn't like to sit for a long period of time and she pretends not to like reading or books.

She has absolutely no artistic talent, especially musically. Her drawings make stick figures look like master pieces and her singing leaves much to be desired... if it doesn't cause the listener to run away screaming. However, due to her personality, she continually tries and doesn't listen to criticism that isn't praise.

She was raised Catholic, but decided for herself at the age of ten that she didn't like some of the Catholic tenants and switched to Lutheranism. She fought a lot with many of her sisters about this. But the choice was hers and she wasn't going to let them force her to choose differently

Maria has lots of sisters and she loves them all, but none as much as her youngest sister. She dislikes that she's been split apart from her precious "West". She actually does not even remember where the nickname came from, but she has stuck with calling her youngest sister by it. Her parents are sending her to Achtenberg as it's a boarding school and they will be free to travel again doing diplomatic work. It was actually a random choice on their part.

Personality: Maria is a very arrogant person who usually prefaces personal pronouns like "me" with the word "awesome" or a synonym. She refuses to hear anything that sounds like negative criticism due to her arrogance. If someone criticizes her she'll say something about them not being awesome enough to understand the truth. Her basic truth is that she is "Number 1" and everyone is second at best.

she has a bit of a punky attitude. While she listens to authority figures on most things, she has a rebellious streak. She likes to play pranks and wear things that are not acceptable for uniforms.

Some of her favorite things are animals, especially small "cute" animals like chicks, kittens, and puppies. She also enjoys Japanese manga and anime as well as deserts from around the world.

Due to the fact that she's not a country she doesn't have the same relationships with most characters from her canon, which saves some angst. However, since she is such an arrogant character she will likely still butt heads with many of her canonmates (and non-canonmates, too).

RP Sample:

Walking home one day, you find a paper sack on the side of the road. You discover it to contain a large sum of money, all in unmarked bills. What do you do?

Kesesesesese~ I'm so awesome that money appears when I trip! With this amount of money I can buy a ton of food and games! Also, some new awesome cute clothes! Should put some of that money away for college, too. And totally give a ton of it to animal shelters!

What is going to be your next adventure? Or, what was your last adventure?

I'm going to pour itching powder into this annoying girl's underwear drawer. Kesese~ It will be difficult to sneak into her room, but I am awesome at sneaking! I'll sneak in while she's showering so she can end up with the itchy underwear from the start! And I'll inform to get ointment for her itch afterwards!

You are granted the power to change one thing about the world. What do you change?

Well, I'm awesome just the way I am. But it would be better to have a world that fits my awesomeness! One that definitely recognizes my awesomeness! Though, I don't really need that since I know that anyone that doesn't recognize my awesomeness isn't awesome enough for my presence.


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